Donate through Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is one of the simplest, most tax-effective ways to give to charity as you can make regular tax-free donations to a charity of your choice, straight from your salary each payday.

Payroll Giving is also known as Give As You Earn, Workplace Giving and Giving Through Your Pay – all of these names refer to the same government scheme.

Payroll Giving donations are deducted from your gross salary (before tax is deducted), reducing the total amount of income tax that you pay; you receive immediate tax relief on every payroll giving donation - a £1 donation will cost a donor 80p as a standard rate (20%) taxpayer or 60p as a higher rate (40%) taxpayer - meaning you can give more for less!

Payroll Giving is the most tax-efficient way for higher-rate taxpayers to give as it is the only way we can automatically receive all your tax on a donation.

Here are some examples of how you can #GiveMoreForLess:

payroll giving table-page0001.jpg 

Employees and employers can support Rainbow Living through Payroll Giving. 

If you are an Employer and would like to find out more about setting up Payroll Giving for your company click here.

If you are an Employee and would like to read more about how you can set up a regular donation via your salary click here.

How payroll giving works

- Choose how much you want to donate

- Each payday we receive your gift automatically direct from your salary

- The taxman gives us the tax on your donation at no extra cost to you

You can give as much as you like and change or cancel your donation at any time simply by informing your payroll department.

Sign up for Payroll Giving here

Read our Payroll Giving FAQs here



How your monthly donation helps

Payroll Giving provides us with a valuable and regular income, helping us to budget and plan ahead for the long term.

We will continue to provide opportunities for people with a learning disability to have secure tenancy, offering reassurance to them and their families. Click here for further information about us and the work we do.

Payroll Giving is a simple, easy and flexible way to give to Rainbow Living directly from your salary and your monthly donation will help us to continue our work, as well as helping with future planning and projects.


Join our Payroll Giving scheme

Setting up a donation through your pay is simple.

However you are paid – whether monthly, weekly or every four weeks – you can give to Rainbow Living in a tax effective way through your pay.

Simply complete our online giving form and Payroll Giving in Action will get in touch with your employer.

If your employer isn't a part of a Payroll Giving Scheme, you can encourage your employer to set up a scheme, or they can get in touch with our payroll giving partner Payroll Giving in Action, who provide resources for employers to be able to set up a Payroll Giving scheme.

Read our Payroll Giving FAQs here.

Please do get in touch with us at if you have any questions or need any help in talking to your employer.