Our Trustees

Rainbow Living is run by seven Trustees, all of whom are parents and relatives of young adults with learning and other disabilities.

The charity is supported by seven Board members and a team of loyal volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a wide range of experience. Together the Trustees, Board members and volunteers contribute their skills, time and energies to fundraising and to running Rainbow Living.

Jan Pinniger - Trustee and Chair: Jan has a background in education as a teacher and in counselling of children and young people. She has a heart for those with learning disabilities. Jan leads on organisational development.

Jerry Chew – Trustee and Secretary: Jerry has a background in insurance and governance in care provision. Jerry leads on charity insurance matters, rent, the newsletter and housing benefits.

Ruth Airdrie – Trustee and Treasurer: Ruth is a pharmacist by profession with a background of working in the NHS as a senior manager. Ruth leads on finance and fundraising.

Chris Eggins – Trustee: Chris has a background in the police service and monitoring of heavy vehicle safety standards. Chris's expertise lays in policy development.

Vernon Beatty – Trustee: Vernon's background is lift engineering. Vernon leads in the area of local fundraising.

Will Pritchard – Trustee: Will is married to Tanya and father of two children - George And Daisy. He has previously worked in education in the area of Special Educational Needs and now works in an advisory capacity with support teams.

Peter Cantrill – Trustee: Peter is a local businessman in horticulture with vast expertise in plants